More than 50 million people in in the United States alone experience allergies. Discovering what you are allergic to is an important initial step to a successful treatment. With the advancement of medical technology, allergy tests are more convenient and accurate than they have ever been.

They can be seasonal (pollen) or annual (i.e, food and pets). No matter what the cause, allergies can make you feel unpleasant such as sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, nasal congestion, skin rash and life threatening issues. Testing can be a blood test or a skin test. Diagnosis can be done fairly quickly so we can recommend the proper treatment to having you feel better.

Treatment can include nasal sprays, medication, allergy shots, and allergy drops (No shots!).

Our Services:

  • Skin testing for nasal allergy
  • Blood testing for nasal allergy
  • Immunotherapy for allergic disease
  • Sublingual Immunotherapy for allergic disease
  • Environmental education