If you experience any change in the way you feel or sound with regard to your voice, Ocala ENT physicians can help. Symptoms of voice disorders include discomfort or strain when talking or singing, hoarseness, roughness, breathiness or weakness in the voice.

A voice disorder may result from many causes, including overuse or misuse of the voice, benign or cancerous lesions, or one of many medical conditions that contribute to voice problems.

Many voice disorders can be treated with medications and/or behavioral modifications. Sometimes surgery is necessary. Voice therapy often is the first-line treatment option. It involves teaching techniques and exercises to rebalance the systems necessary for optimal voice.

Our Services:

  • Surgical Repair of Paralyzed Vocal Cords
  • Laryngitis
  • Vocal Nodules and Polyps
  • Tumors of the Vocal Cords
  • Diagnosis of Hoarseness